Who are we?

"Interkulturelles Netzwerk" is an organisation which was founded in 1996 by young and committed people in order to enable the personal exchange of different people and cultures with the aim of encouraging the understanding and solidarity with the others.
Our organisation want give to young people the possibility to be in a different context : the country, the people, the life style. The exchange is an opportunity to get know other persons, countries and ways of living in a context of international youth meetings, as well as to exchange experiences with each other about their own situation.

Topics and Contents

The aim of our work is to support the intercultural learning and to improve social skills of the participants in an international context. In this process we see an opportunity to recognize, break up and change rigid perceptions and prejudices, in order to create a foundation for a mutual understanding. One of the goals of the meetings is to accept being different as one form of being equal.
The direct meeting with the others offer the possibility to open our regards to the new views. By taking part in common activities including 'foreigners', and the 'foreign', the participants can get to know better themselves as well as others, and they get involved into questioning themselves.
Due to the language as an essential element in exchange measures we offer linguistic animation-training.
The meetings can have several different contents. Programmes can include sports or activities, as canooing and climbing, as well as media-based and projects orientated in products, dealing with art or cultural topics, such as theatre, photography, video. The range of topics being on offer also includes subject-led programmes, such as looking for historical traces, anti-racist work or ecological issues.
The actual topic of each meeting is determined by the interests and needs of the respective participants.
The activ pedagogy with the cultural aspect is the central point.
Besides the youth meetings we also offer seminars for youth workers dealing with issues concerning intercultural topics.
Furthermore we support young people to find places for periods of practical training in companies in foreign countries, forming part of the 'European Voluntary Service'.
We really want that our work is adapted to the needs of the different groups with them we can decide the contains of the program.
So, we are always open for new ways and ideas.

What we offer?

- Intercultural meetings for young people
- intercultural seminars and further training for youth workers
- procurement of practical training in Europe (E.V.S.)
- advices and services for other associations in reference with international meetings
- procurement and assembly of youth workers, translators and animators in the intercultural sector